Sunday, March 11, 2012


Thank you to all the teachers and students at DBIS Kindergarten, who hosted me last week. I read to them my book Empress Blaze Moon: A story about never giving up… and also let them know how important it is to write their own family stories.

I had time left over to read one of the most popular books in our house, called, Our Summer at the Farm. It’s a true story, of how my daughters and I became farmers one summer in Canada in 2003, growing a vegetable garden and chasing off the grasshoppers as 200 acres of wheat grew around us and later harvested at season’s end.

Whenever I talk (or write) to students and parents about writing family stories, I always come back to the Disney movie Ratatouille… and that jolly chef who lived by the motto: ANYONE CAN COOK!

I related this story to a fellow-writer and her response was: … but not everyone should… I laughed it off — I can’t agree— maybe she’s right when it comes to cooking, but that chef’s motto applies to writing family stories:

Anyone can write… and everyone should!

Monday, January 9, 2012

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